Notes from the Underground

Friday, February 17, 2006

Shades of Gallup

We are experiencing a very strange, extremely cold front. It is 9:30 pm and about 18 degrees. That is very rare for the valley floor. The news people keep threatening snow but it stays in the mountains. The winds are so strong right now I can feel my attic windows rattle all the way downstairs. There have been many toppled trees from the combination of very soggy earth, enourmous old trees and very strong winds. There have been a few damaged housed and cars but no fatalities. The light rail system is shut down because high winds caused the overhead electric cables to tangle. One of the bridges was also shut down due to wind-causing malfunctions. Walking outside into the bright sunshine, only to feel the bite of jack frost reminds me of good ol' Gallup. I laughed when Sunny told me the principal kept all the kids inside today because it was so cold outside! Even the fire department was not prepared for temperatures so cold the water on the ground from putting out a housefire was freezing as soon as it hit the pavement!